Covid Update

Covid-19 Update

You Can Now Choose To Take Your Cna Classes Online Only 4 Days Of In
Person Clinical Training At The School Is Required.

You Can Also Choose To Take All Your Classes In Person.

See Schedule On The Schedule Page Above
Or Call 469-312-8885 For Details.


Each student shall receive a copy of the grievance procedure and the school shall maintain proof of the delivery. All complaints will be documented on the Student Grievance Form and are to be forwarded to the school director. The school director will review all completed complaint forms, and follow-up/investigate for resolution. The school will then maintain the complaint report including any associated documentation. The school will diligently work to resolve all complaints at the local school level.

STUDENTS WITH UNRESOLVED GRIEVANCES TO SHOULD BE DIRECTED TO: Texas Workforce Commission Career Schools and Colleges, Room 226T101 East 15th Street Austin,Texas 78778.
Phone:(512) 936-3100